Photoreceptor meeting

18 November 2010

Experimental and computational scientists from Amsterdam and Utrecht are meeting at this mini-symposium at the University of Amsterdam to talk about photoactive proteins. Admission is free, but please let us know if you intend to come to the meeting by sending an email to


12.45 Welcome
13.00 Alisa Rupenyan (UvA, Photonics)
Protonation changes in the photocycle of PYP
13.30 Marijke Hospes (UvA, Microbiology)
Tryptophan fluorescence in site-directed mutants of photoactive yellow protein as reporter for structural changes
14.00 Jingyi Zhu (VU, Biophysics)
Ultrafast Excited States Dynamics of Xanthorhodopsin and its Carotenoid! Antenna Salinixanthin investigated by Femtosecond Transient Absorption in visible and near IR region
14.30 Break
14.50 Murat Kilic (UvA, Computational Chemistry)
Electron transfer of Lumiflavin in water: A First Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulation
15.20 Kushagra Singhal (UvA, Computational Chemistry)
Signal transduction pathway in a single blue-light activated YtvA molecule to facilitate GTP binding
15.50 Break
16.10 Andreas Stahl (VU, Biophysics)
PYP, from P to I1, a femtosecond pump probe study
16.40 Hans Ippel (UU, NMR)
NMR studies on the pB state of full-length photo-active yellow protein
17.15 Drinks