ACMM Fall Symposium

The 8th ACMM symposium will be organized at the University of Amsterdam with local, national and international speakers. The symposium free and open for friends of the ACMM and anyone with an interest in multiscale modeling.


10.00 Coffee
10.30       Jiri Sponer, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Advanced computational studies of nucleic acids. Quantum chemistry, molecular simulations, and their relation to structural bioinformatics.
11.20 Annalisa Fasolino, IMM, Radboud University Nijmegen
Structure and thermodynamic of graphene from atomistic simulations.
12.10 Lunch
13.30 Paul Nicu, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
14.10 Wolfgang Lechner, University of Amsterdam
Reaction coordinates in crystal nucleation
14.50 Sasa Dujko, CWI, Amsterdam
Non-equilibrium transport of electrons and positrons in gases: A multi term Boltzmann equation analysis
15.30 Tea Break
15.50 Paul Kelly, Universiteit Twente
Influence of spin-orbit coupling on spin-dependent transport
16.40 Alessandro Laio, SISSA, Italy
Computer simulation of rare events in material science, chemistry and biophysics
17.30 Closing followed by drinks in De Krater