ACMM Spring Symposium

The next ACMM symposium will be organized at the VU Amsterdam with local, national and international speakers. The symposium free and open for friends of the ACMM and anyone with an interest in multiscale modeling. More details will follow soon...


13.15       Jürg Hutter University of Zürich
Large Scale Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics: Methods and Applications
14.00 Daan Geerke VU University
Polarizable Biomolecular Force Field Development
14.40 Christopher Lowe University of Amsterdam
Sticky slip solutions in microfluidic capillaries from coarse grained dynamic simulations
15.20 Tea break
15.40 Roeland Merks Netherlands Institute for Systems Biology
Cell-based modeling of blood vessel growth
16.20 Ria Broer Rijks Universiteit Groningen
Switching between spin states in transition metal compounds
17.00 Drinks