8 June 2007:
The first kick-off meeting

The first ACMM kick-off meeting will be held on 8 June, partly at the Vrije Universiteit (in the morning) and at the University of Amsterdam (in the afternoon).


9.15 Reception and coffee in Room D1.07 VU, Boelelaan
9.40 Opening meeting
9.45 Kasia Pernal (VU)
Quantum chemistry with Density Matrix Functional Theory
10.30 Edith Beerdsen (UvA)
Alkane diffusion in zeolites
11.15 Coffee break
11.30 Marco Morellli (Amolf)
Green's Function Reaction Dynamics: a particle-based approach for simulating reaction-diffusion problems
12.15 lunch at the VU, followed by relocation to the UvA
14.15 Reception in Room A4.06, Roeterseiland UvA (DIFFERENT LOCATION!!)
14.30 Chantal Valeriani (Amolf)
Numerical studies on pathways of ordered and disordered phases
15.15 Christoph Jacob (VU)
Calculation of Solvent Effects Using Frozen-Density Embedding
16.00 Tea Break
16.15 Jocelyne Vreede (UvA)
Simulating signal transduction in biological systems
17.00 Closing Remarks
17.15 'Borrel'